April 19, 2015

Blueprint-King No Crown LP

Dope and prolific Producer/MC/Writer and Founder of Weightless Records, Blueprint has a new album available titled King No Crown and has just released a new video "Great Eyedeas Never Die" which is a heartfelt tribute to his Friend and dope MC in his own right, Eyedea who passed away in 2010.

I haven't checked the full LP yet but I know what to expect as Printmatic has always been a very consistent artist and pours his heart and soul into his rhymes and his production, Blueprint also released a tribute to the art of B-Boying earlier this month with "Just Move" (which doesn't appear to be on the new album but can be downloaded here.

Check it here...

Get King No Crown here

April 12, 2015

The Infamous Mobb Deep hit Wellington this Friday Night...

Talk Later in association with FLAVA presents

MOBB DEEP - Live in Wellington

A very rare and intimate performance for you and a few hundred others.


- with special guest from the legendary DJ SKI BEATZ (NYC)
Plus local support from Villains, Che Fu (DJ set) Make Music Aotearoa, Lumpkinville, Capital Punishment Crew and AllGoodz

Pre-Sales have sold out but there will be limited door sales, feedback from the Australian shows has been mad positive and heads are saying that these Queen's legends are just as dope on stage as they are on record.

Fat shout out to all of the local acts and Talk Later and Flava for bringing such a dope show to these shores.

April 5, 2015

Asphate-Closed Doors To An Open Mind LP

The latest dope release from the long running underground Hip Hop label, Chicago's Galapagos4 label is Asphate's (of Maxilla Blue and Bumrap fame) 10 track album titled Closed Doors To An Open Mind solely produced by Maker who has made more than a few dope albums with label mate Qwel (Typical Cats) amongst many other memorable albums and tracks over the years.

Closed Doors To An Open Mind is in all honesty a breath of fresh air, it doesn't sound like today's Hip Hop and it doesn't sound like 90's Hip Hop, if anything the sound and style lies within early 00' to mid 05 and it is incredibly refreshing to hear mad cuts and scratches through "Maud Dib" (provided by DJ TouchNice) which features label mates Qwel, Hell.sent and Qwazaar (Typical Cats), Qwel also appears on "A Shadow's True Colour's" and I can only gather there will be another Maker and Qwel LP in the near future.

The Vinyl purchase for Closed Doors To An Open Mind includes download code with full album and instrumentals, as well as digital lyric-photobook, in G4 label jackets with art print by LETER91, a fellow Scarce Elementz member alongside Asphate himself.

Massive props to Jeff at G4 for sending this smooth album through.
You can pick up the new album here

March 19, 2015

2015-CRDS Presents-95 Da Illest Volume 2

Peace all,

Here is Volume 2 of the CRDS Presents-95 Da Illest compilations showcasing exactly how dope and diverse the year 1995 was (there is dope music on here from Sweden, New York and Los Angeles etc.) and to be honest it is still quite hard to fathom that all of this music turns over 20 years old this year, I had a lot of these joints on wax and CD at some stage and I fondly remember picking up these 12"s and albums.

Mad props and many thanks to 1994hiphop, Hillside, BYN, Alexandre Circuit Power and everyone that downloads and share these compilations, sends me emails, leaves comments and note in the c-box and to all of the good people out there that rip classic 90's Hip Hop in good quality, I salute you...volume 3 up soon.

01-2 Mental-Mental Illness (Produced by Louie Vega)
02-Bakers Of The Holy Bread ft F.N. Soup - Bring It On Back (Produced by Collén & Webb)
03-Most Desh - Hip Hop Is Livin' (Produced by Kevin'The Blade' Gordon)
04-Frankie Cutlass ft Doo-Wop, Evil Twins & Fat Joe-Boriquas On Da Set (Flip Squad Remix) Video (for original version)
05-Evil Twins-Evil Twin Glock (Produced by Frankie Cutlass)
06-Real Live-Crime Is Money
07-Show & A.G-Add On
08-DJ Quik-Get At Me
09-Smif-N-Wessun-Wrekonize (Remix Vocal) (Produced by S T Double E L E) Video (for original version)
10-Bahamadia-True Honey Buns (Dat Freak Sh-t) (Produced by DJ Premier) Video
11-Grand Puba-A Little Of This (Stud Doogie Remix)
12- AZ - Your World Don't Stop (Original Version) (Produced by Spunk Bigga)
13-Shanow-Remedy Man (Produced by R.P.M.)
14-Ill Al Skratch- Don't Shut Down On A Player (Produced by The LG Experience) Video
15-Defari-Big Up (Produced by E-Swift)


March 5, 2015

DJ ART AND FRIENDS @ Havana Bar-Friday March 6th 2015

Friday March 6 @Havana Bar
Live sets from K*Saba and Raw Deezy
with DJ sets from Jaz and Art

K Saba's bio:
Somebody tell this dude that his time signatures are confusing me. Where’s the 1? What key is this in? What is consciousness? I’m stuck in a jazz trance and I can’t get out. Damn you K-Saba. I want my boom bap back. Things will never be the same.


Raw Deezy:
Producer and MC from Evil Mule and Raw Collective. Playing fresh productions and also getting on the mic


DJ Jaz + DJ Art:
2 Veteran DJs from NZ's longest running Hip Hop / Funk radio show 'Wednesday Night Jam'. Jaz runs the internet channel Cold Rock the Spot (CRDS)and CRDS Radio and Art runs Newtown Sound promoting local music and hosting the biggest stage of the Newtown Festival (the biggest free street festival in NZ).


February 25, 2015

February 1, 2015

YT (UK) Australasian Tour 2015 - Wellington

After sell out shows in 2014, Reggae Dancehall Sensation, YT, returns to Australasia, with big vibes, lyrics, and skills!

Do not miss the chance to check one of the world’s leading reggae artists in action!

Also featuring:
Raw Collective
James Faction


YT Bio:
The Suffolk town of Ipswich is not where you would expect to discover a leading light in UK reggae, but this is the reality of YT, the artist whom David Rodigan refers to as ‘an original and inspiring social commentator’.

Bursting onto the scene with an unashamedly British sound and story, YT has cemented his place as one of the stars of contemporary reggae, making a name for himself as a white British artist in a predominantly Caribbean-dominated genre.

Growing up on a diet of Saxon sound tapes and practicing the lyrics of 80s UK veteran deejays such as Tippa Irie, Papa Levi, Asher Senator and Smiley Culture as well as Jamaican artists like Papa San and Yellowman, gave the young YT an education in reggae lyrics and how to flow over a beat.

YT became part of Ipswich sound, Ashanti, and in 1992 went into the studio for the first time in Brixton with Dennis Rootical. He went on to link with Patrick Donnegan at Progressive Sounds in Battersea, Jack Reuben, The Riddler and a young Seanie T, and Stingray (one of the major London labels). It was this link that eventually took him to Jamaica to work with Big Ship, John John and Shocking Vibes among others.

YT has founded his own label, Sativa Records, and has had hit singles with leading producers from around the world including Mungo’s Hi Fi, Necessary Mayhem, Congo Natty, Vibronics and many more. They include the international smash hit ‘Wicked Act’, a thought provoking account of 7/7 London bombings, and the chart-topping ‘England Story’.

He has also released three albums, ‘Straight Outta Britain’, ‘Born Inna Babylon’, and the last in the trilogy, ‘Revolution Time’, which was released in July 2012.

YT has toured across the UK and Europe, South America, and Asia, and his live shows are renowned. He has the ability to cross genres and sounds, spanning reggae, dancehall, jungle, and drum and bass.

Event at Facebook
YT at Facebook

January 13, 2015

CRDS Presents-95-Da Illest Volume 1

Happy New Year :D

Ayyooooo welcome to 2015 and here is the first compilation for  the year and a small look back at the supreme year of 1995 and some of the finest Hip Hop music had to offer in that year...The title was a label that I gave my old tapes back in '95.

I remember making mixes and compilations pretty much every couple of weeks (and I had a dual tape deck, so I would make dubs for whoever wanted them) and working in a dope record store and having a lot of Friends as DJ's and being on record company promo lists etc...good music was certainly never in short supply.

I am working on an in-depth Back To '95 post but in the meantime, enjoy this compilation and I hope you are exposed to some new dopeness or these bring back some great memories flooding back...Turn IT UP!!!!

CRDS Presents-95-Da Illest Volume 1

01-The B.U.M.S.-Take A Look Around (Groovebumz Remix) Video
02-Little Indian-One Little Indian (Buckwild's Remix) Video
03-Pretzels Logic-Who You Think
04-Pure Genius-Unbelievable (Produced by Viking)
05-Kamakazee-Head On (Produced by Marley Marl)
06-Kam-Nut'N Nice (Produced by Mad Scientists, Rashad)
07-Aceyalone-Headaches and Woes (Produced by Punish
08-WC and The Maad Circle-In A Twist (Produced by Crazy Toones)
09-Funkmaster Flex ft Ol' Dirty Bastard & Charlie Brown & Biz Markie-Nuttin But Flavor Video
10-Special Ed-Neva Go Back (Produced by Howie Tee) Video
11-Crooklyn Dodgers '95-Return of The Crooklyn Dodgers (Produced by DJ Premier) Video 
12-Nine - Whutcha Want (The Brotherhood Remix)
13-Tha Alkaholiks ft Declaime and The LootPack-WLIX (Produced by Madlib)
14-Double X-Make Some Noise (Produced by BK)
15-Us Plus One-Gettin' Lyrical (Produced by True Da Grynch)

One L

December 30, 2014

Heavy Rotation: 2 Really Dope LP's That Need Your Attention...

Word is born 2015 is almost out of the gate and I just wanted to do a quick post on 2 albums that are on heavy rotation as of late...

The first one is the superb debut album from Toronto, Canada Hip Hop duo, Still Waters and Best Kep aka Full Circle 

Infinite Edges is chock full of ill Jazz, Funk and Soul samples and head nodding classic breaks that actually sound fresh and the whole album sounds like a well produced lost 90's classic.

Check the video for "Raw Feelin" below

Listen and Purchase Here

The second album is the dope and amusing Pimp themed album from Long Island's Smoovth (Tha Connection) and producer Giallo Point (Crate Divizion) which again is dripped in mid 90's sounding production and features Hus Kingpin, Rozewood, El Ay, Asia Jackson and Sean Rosati.

Fat shout out to Ryks Dah-K-Myst

Listen and Purchase Here

Both albums come highly recommended, so do yourself and your ears a favour.

Thank you to all of my readers of CRDS 
Have a great and safe New Years and I will see you in 2015.


December 6, 2014

Happy Bornday Mix for Tyshawn-December 2014

Peace (Christmas) Party People...Here is a little birthday compilation I put together for my good Friend Tyshawn who is a really good kid that always has a smile on his face, is full of positive energy and doesn't let nasty, no life having SOB's get him down, I have mad respect for Tyshawn and he is a true Hip Hop head in every sense...this compilation is 20 tracks deep and a mixture of a little new but mostly old (92-97)...

I also want to send a fat shout out to dope producer Steven M aka Monplacebo and Fats Eardrum who has always supplied me with ill music and has not had an easy time lately, you are often in my thoughts Fats...and also a fat shout out An Ni and to my crew in the Reel To Real Hip Hop group at Facebook.

enjoy and remember  to make like the late, great Dilla Dawg and TURN IT UP!!!

Have a great and safe Holiday season and I will see you in 2015 with more posts, a look back at the dopest of 2014 and we will celebrate 20 years of 1995 which was another superb year in 90's Hip Hop.

Happy Bornday Mix for Tyshawn-December 2014


01-your old droog-droogs anthem (produced by el rtnc & your old droog) (2014)
02-c.h.a.o.s.-true_m.p (produced by pretzelz logic) (1996)
03-blind_mice-paper_capers_(chapter_2) (produced by shawn j. period) (1997)
04-omniscence-nuff love (produced by fanatic) (1995) (released 2014) 
05-da_nu_flava-heated_summer_streets (produced by rmd productions) (1997)
06-ohmega watts-you are now tuned in (2005)
07-reggie capers-i apologize (produced by brother black) (1996)

09-global platoon-quarter til 2(am) (produced by dj cutt) (1997) (released 2014)
10-technical-stress_(raw) (produced by dj trouble)
11-finsta-finsta_baby (produced by da beatminerz) (1992)
12-urbanites - pure pressure (produced by dj i.c.d.) (2000)
13-diamond district-you had to be there (2014)
14-da king and i-tears (darp_vibe) (1993)
15-yall so stupid- van full of pakistans (spearhead x remix)

16-da grassroots-pylar sanchez (feat. remy rezzin)
17-little shawn-check it out_yall (produced by easy moe bee) (1995)
18-the 1978ers-without a clue (2014)

19-slimkid3 & dj nu-mark-what are words for (2014)
20-coops-chillin (produced by talas) (2014)

One L and remember to always be good to the people that respect you and show kindness back, leave the toxic ones, the mind game players and the time and energy wasters alone to dwell in their own darkness and misery.