April 20, 2014

Nas-Illmatic 20 years on...

"Y'all know my steelo with or without the airplay
I keep some E&J, sittin' bent up in the stairway.."

It was inevitable but everyone and their Uncle and their Uncle's Uncle is speaking on the 20th anniversary of the classic, influential, esssential, momentous and vital 5 mic's in the Source debut Hip Hop album from Nas.

Like so many others I was in awe of (then Nasty) Nas's rugged and ill raspy vocal delivery and ill wordplay on Main Source's "Live At The BBQ" (1991) and definitely wanted more from him.

I knew he would be one to watch and he certainly fulfilled the promise by first appearing on the Zebrahead soundtrack with the classic "Halftime" (1992)

The same year he was enlisted as one of the MC's dropping ill verses alongside Chubb Rock & Red Hot Lover Tone on MC Serch's "Back To The Grill" and the remix. 

Nas followed that up with the timeless Large Professor produced Michael Jackson-"Human Nature" sampling...


I fondly remember buying the Illmatic cassette (it was sealed up and I was mad excited about tearing off the wrapper and placing the tape in my boom box/stereo (that did eat tapes on occasion) and reading the inlay credits) first and later purchasing the CD, actually from memory I think a record rep handed me a copy... needless to say the album was on heavy rotation through out 1994 and beyond, it was in essence one of the soundtracks to '94 for me, I used to bug Friends to play it in the car whenever I took the CD with me and needless to say but every track was most definitely played at some stage on The Weds Nite Jam show.


On my very first listen of Illmatic I loved the Wild Style sampling intro "Genesis" and though it was a great way to set off an album, but it was the Joe Chambers, Eric B & Rakim and  Kool and The Gang drum sampling "N.Y. State of Mind" that was the track that I rewound the most, Nas's delivery (it has been stated that he did it in one take) on that cut and DJ Premier's production, slow, bumping, menacing and seriously ill was simply perfection ...but as you all know the whole album is still an incredible listen from start to finish and with such esteemed producers behind the boards, DJ Premier, Large Professor, Pete Rock, Q-Tip & L.E.S. it was destined to the be the album it is and not to mention the dope beat makers that laced the remixes for the singles off the album: The LG Experience, Groove Merchantz (Godfather Don, V.I.C.), Dr Butcher & Def Jef.


Illmatic has been re-released and has a disc of remixes, rare tracks and a classic freestyle from the WKCR Stretch Armstrong and Bobbito The Barber show (that show will always have the "World Is Yours" (Remix) etched in my memory) to be honest I am a bit puzzled as to why 2 of Buckwild's greatest remixes for Nas were omitted as well as the original version/remix of "Memory Lane" but I suspect it was due to clearance or licensing issues.

Nas ft AZ-Life's A Bitch (Remix #1)

Nas ft AZ-Life's A Bitch (Remix #2)

Here is a quick round up of links celebrating the history and significance of Illmatic...


The Source-1994 Interview with Nas 
Rap Pages interview with Bobbito Garcia 


One L (to the O V E)

April 18, 2014

CRDS Presents-Da 94 Fat Funk Flav Vol 4

Peace and here is Volume Four!

I'm thrilled to be filling in the quota of one compilation of dope material from 1994 every month as promised...enjoy and as always much respect to all that check this blog on the regular and to my blog fam that re-post my compilations and posts etc...I really appreciate it.

Happy Easter to all my readers

CRDS Presents-Da 94 Fat Funk Flav Vol 4

01-Da Youngsta's -Hip Hop Ride (Produced by Marley Marl)
02-Quinton-I'm Not An MC (Produced by J-Swift)
03-The Nonce - Mix Tapes (81st Street Subliminal Remix)
04-Freedom Of Soul-Sooner or Later (Produced by Sup The Chemist)
05-The Prunes-KMW
06-Banji-It's Like Dat (Produced by 3 Thieves and A Liar)
07-M.C.M.-Powermoves (Produced by Uncle G)
08-UMC's-My Thing 
09-Krispy 3 - On Tempo ('94 Lick Re-Vamp)(Produced by Mr. Wiz)
10-Red Hot Lover Tone - The Illest (Produced by Trackmasterz)
11-Artifacts-Heavy Ammunition (Produced by T-Ray)
12-25 Is Life-Mic-Slaughter (Produced by Lyvio.G)
13-Jeru The Damaja - Brooklyn Took It (Produced by DJ Premier)
14-Souls Of Mischief-Get The Girl, Grab The Money (Produced by A-Plus)
15-Ronny Jordan meets DJ Krush-Season For Change (Dawn Of The Season Mix) feat. Guru

R.I.P. (April 19th will mark the fourth anniversary of the late, great Guru's passing)

April 14, 2014

The Barber Shop by Bobbito Garcia-3rd Annual Butter Awards-Feb 95-Rap Pages Magazine

Word...life, I found the article for the third one but I haven't set eyes up on the first one yet...

Butterslick Album of The Year:

Buttermilk Single of The Year: 

O.C.-Time's Up 

Honorable Mentions:

A Tribe Called Quest-Award Tour
Wu-Tang Clan-C.R.E.A.M.
Crooklyn Dodgers-Crooklyn

Butter Hot Video of The Year:

Honorable Mention:

B (Stands for Butter) Side Slides:

Smif-N-Wessun-Let's Git It On

B-SIDE Group of The Year:

Black Moon

Act Like U Want It (Remix)

Murder MC's
Honorable Mentions:

H20 ft Artifacts-Ism and Blues

Kurious ft Sadat-X & Mike G-Mansion and a Yacht

Butterfuco Remix of The Year:

Artifacts ft Busta Rhymes-Come On Wit Da Get Down (Remix)

Bed of Butter (Most Slept On Cut) Award of The Year

Beatnuts-Lick The P--Y

Col' Butter Demo slides:

Company Flow-Corners
Tragedy ft Havoc-Funk Mode (Large Professor Remix)

Download article here


April 13, 2014

Bobbito The Barber-Butter Awards #2-Feburary 1994-Rap Pages

Like butter baby...I just found this hiding in an old record sleeve...

Butter Hot Video of the Year:

Buttermilk Singles of The Year:

Black Moon-Who Got Da Props
Souls of Mischief-93 Til Infinity

Gangster Hard Lard:

Fat Joe ft Apache & Kool G Rap-You Must Be Out Of Your F----' Mind

B (stands for butter) Side slides:

Pete Rock & C.L. Smooth-It's Not A Game
Diamond-D ft Lord Finesse & Sadat-X-You Can't Front

Butterfuco Remix:

Col Butter Demo Slides:

Juggaknots-Clear Blue Skies
Godfather Don-Slave of New York 

Interesting things of note...Supernatural did end up battling Craig-G...and what a classic battle it was (that the legendary Juice Crew member took out of course)

Juggaknots was spelt Juggernauts and the timeless"Clear Blue Skies" didn't see the light of day until 1996, when it was included on the debut Juggaknots LP released on Bob's Fondle 'Em label.

Cage was spelt Kiege

Godfather Don's "Slave of New York" was only on record officially for the first time in 2007 when it was released on the Diggers With Gratitude label.

April 12, 2014

CRDS Presents-The CRDS Fat Tape Vol 24

I let my tape rock till my tape popped...

1-Kool Kae Dee-Vibing In The Cypher (1994)
2-SESH-Defintion S.E.S.H.(1998)
3-Ill Al Skratch-Don't Shut Down On A Player (Remix) (1995)
4-Lord Finesse-Down For The Underground (2001)
5-MF Grimm & Drasar Monumental-Check 'Em (2013)
6-Phunky Dialect-L.A.P.D. (1995) 
7-The Cenobites-I Was Forgotten (1995)
8-The Doppelgangaz-Dead Already (2011)
9-Cru-The Illz (1997)
10-Water Water-Still Real (1999)
11-Sleestack'z-All You Want (1996) 
13-Divine ScienZe-Beyond The Point (2014)
14-String Theory-Art of Rap (2014)
15-Ed Rowe & Concept-Delayed Gratitude (2013)

Fat shouts to: Drasar, Unikone, Claaa7, akahh, OG DonNinja and Fats Eardrum

March 30, 2014

CRDS Presents-Piles and Piles of Demo Tapes By Da Miles Volume 2


I have just compiled another volume of ill demo's from the East and the West Coasts with material from some established artists and some that we never heard from again, material that dates back from early to mid 90's.

Most of these tracks are ripped from old radio shows and dubs of dubs so it goes without saying that the quality on some tracks is not overly great...still this compilation sounded all grav in my headphones.

I'd like to send fat shouts to Roy Johnson, Nobs, Nes, Eons One from Ripped By Metal Explosions, Blockhead, Verge and the crew at Heavy Jewelz and everyone that has kindly supplied these demos over the years and of course all of the legendary DJ's that played the back in the day and all of the producers, MC's and artists that featured on these, thank you for the timeless music and your contributions to Hip Hop.

Also fat shouts to Unikone and Drasar Monumental for posting this up at their dope blogs.


CRDS Presents-Piles and Piles of Demo Tapes By Da Miles Vol 2

01-Universal Dialect-Movin' On
02-Sazon-Untitled (More Powerful?)
03-Chaos-Turn It Up
04-A-Math-If It's On Like That
05-EIM-Undaground Rappa
06-Sandman-Know What I'm Sayin
07-Earthquake-Quake The Broadcaster
08-Kurious-Trueness To The Blueness
09-Diezzle Don-School of Hard Knocks
10-Cipher Complete-Like This
11-Grand The Vis-I Can't Understand
12-Mykill Myers-Triggernometry
13-The Kraken-Rise of The Kraken
14-Next of Kin-Brothers Keeper
15-Spalanys-Spaghetti and Bisquits

Diggers ID Spot/ DJ Premier in D&D Studios

This was a really dope demo from the infamous  
The Stretch Armstrong and Bobbito show (big up to serch4beatz for the hook up)
Massive props to Zgedi for letting heads know that it was a demo from a kid called Berry White-The Man Is Back (1993)...I can only imagine how ill this kid's album would have been.
I still would love an ID on this dopeness please...

...and while we are on the history tip, check out this video of DJ Premier running down the history of the legendary D&D studios which was home to hundreds of classic singles, albums and veteran producers behind the boards plus he speaks on the making of some classic Gang Starr joints.


March 23, 2014

Nomad, Big Frank, Chill-Nomad Sampler (1996)

Fat shouts to Unikone from HipHop The Golden Era and Uprock from Discogs for reminding me of this dope New Jersey rawness released back in '96.

Big props to serch4beatz for the rip and 12" cover as well.

Nomad Sampler
DL Here